【WILD NATURE Golden】POUR FEMME Perfume EDP Vaporisateur Natural Spray – bag-mall

【WILD NATURE Golden】POUR FEMME Perfume EDP Vaporisateur Natural Spray For Women



·This product is made of high quality material, it will not be allergic to skin
·An eau de parfum for women,spray directly onto clothes and skin for lavish perfuming

·Notes of orchid, citrus and vanilla
·Recommended to use in daytime and night
·Suitable for all skin types
·Great gift for your family and friends
·3.4 FL OZ (100ml)

With its oriental floral signature, this fragrance creates and warm and sexy scent for the stylish and elegant ladies. 

Top Notes

 Joyful top notes explode and captivate, as essence of orchid blends with orange, it awakens the senses and wets the appetite. 

Middle Notes

 An intimate signature, the clear and powdery whisper of musks tinges with orange to create a mysterious and remote atmosphere.

Base Notes

 The perfect balance of musks and herbs exudes a tranquilizing and refreshing scent of nature.

How to use: Seven-point method

Apply to the back of the ears, wrist, thigh, neck, abdomen, ankle. The temperature of these parts is relatively high, which will make the perfume more effective.


This is a perfume made from a variety of floral fruit fragrances. The perfume is like an autumn garden named UEVER, which means “full bloom” and a variety of floral fragrances. In the scent, several essences create a new olfactory narrative that leaves fresh floral fragrance on your skin.

·Keep away from high heat or flame
·Keep out of the reach of children
·Stop using if it disagrees with you
·For external use only, do not apply to damaged inflamed or compromised skin
·Rinse eyes immediately if it comes into contact with them

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